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Poll Workers Needed!

August 28, 2020

Georgia's Secretary of State's Office is working to sign up 20,000 poll workers for this year's Presidential Election and REALTORS® can make a difference!

The primary elections in June saw some very tough times at the polls. Poll workers shied away from their normal election day duties during the pandemic. This left many polling locations understaffed, with long lines and frustrating some voters into leaving without casting their ballots.

To tackle this problem and make election day a day of fun and excitement, Georgia's Secretary of State, in conjunction with his "Save the Vote" campaign, has created a poll worker recruitment program. Sec. Brad Raffensberger is asking organizations, associations, churches, community groups, etc., to sign members up to serve as poll workers during the November 3rd election. This election is projected to have one of the largest turnouts in Georgia's history. REALTORS® have an opportunity to make a real difference.

To learn more about the program see below:

If you have any questions or comments, contact Governmental Affairs Director, Aaron Johnson at 404-732-0631.

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