Continuing Education Event

CE Class: Dirt on Dirt

Wednesday, October 5

10:00 AM - 1:00 PM


This course is designed to give agents to ability to be able to understand general requirements of residential lot acquisition for individual undeveloped lots for custom home construction.

At the conclusion of this course you will be able to:

Identify customer and clients needs to potential obstacles in selecting a construction site, Demonstrate understanding of special land use restrictions and possible solutions and Compare various types of construction and potential obstacles.




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Picture of Johnell Woody

Johnell Woody

There were two things Johnell Woody never intended to become – a salesman or a teacher. In truth, she is and has been both for many, many years. She began her real estate career in Florida as a title secretary, first licensed in California as a salesperson, then broker, and later as a broker in Georgia and Texas. Today she is a broker, coach, trainer, consultant, content creator and instructor of CE, sales and broker pre- and post-license courses, and the State Director, SUCCESS Real Estate School. Most recently, Johnell became the first Georgia Licensed Instructor to receive the Gold Standard Instructor Certification from the national Real Estate Educators Association (REEA). She is also standing as a candidate for REEA’s highly recognized DREI (Distinguished Real Estate Instructor) designation. Johnell has served on too many committees in various boards of REALTORS®, Chambers of Commerce, and other real estate-related industries to mention. As a Partner in Education instructor with the Georgia REALTORS®, a Georgia Real Estate Educators Association (GREEA) Director and Chair of Communications &Website Committee, National Director-At-Large and Education Committee Chair for the REEA, she continues to give back to the industry.