Alvin B. Cates Recipient

2020 Recipients

John Shlesinger
John Shlesinger


Sam Holmes
Sam Holmes


Ellen Stern
Ellen Stern


Doug LeClair
Doug LeClair


The Alvin B. Cates Award is one of the most prestigious awards of the Atlanta Commercial Board of REALTORS®. The Awards Committee choose the CBRE team of John Shlesinger, Sam Holmes, Ellen Stern, and Doug LeClair as the Alvin B. Cates Award Winner for 2019 for their efforts on behalf of the 735,000 square ft. corporate headquarters at Ponce & 3rd Street in Atlanta. Although it was impressive in size, the Awards Committee was more impressed by the complexity of the project, which involved 7 transactions closed simultaneously, a tax-free land sale, and an alternative lease structure. Congratulations to this winning team!

About the Award

The Alvin B. Cates Award is one of the most prestigious awards of the Atlanta Commercial Board of REALTORS®. The trophy shall be awarded for a transaction that is considered to be outstanding, noteworthy and is based on creativity, ingenuity and skill, rather than on volume. The size or consideration of the transaction is not of special importance.

In 1937, Mr. Alvin B. Cates, Sr., presented to the Georgia Association of REALTORS® a large and beautiful sterling silver trophy with the request that it be awarded annually to the member of the association who completed the most outstanding real estate transaction of the calendar year.

The Alvin B. Cates award was presented almost every year to a member of the Atlanta Board for a commercial transaction. In the late 1950's the Georgia Association of REALTORS® retired the trophy to the Atlanta Board. Since then, the Atlanta Commercial Board continues to present this prestigious Award each year at the Million Dollar Club Banquet and the silver trophy is held by the recipient for one year until the next recipient is awarded.

Each year, the Committee is challenged with the task to select only one deal which will best fulfill the criteria to exemplify a commercial transaction considered to be extraordinary. We are proud of the long history of the Alvin B. Cates Award and of the outstanding REALTORS® who are the honored recipients.

Past Recipients

David Walmsley, 2019
Robert Jordan, 2019
Mary Katherine McRae, 2018
Chris Wagner, 2018
Dom Wyant, 2018
David M. Demarest, 2017
Josh Hirsch, 2017
Brannan C. Moss, 2017
Gregg A. Metcalf, 2016
Robert W. Metcalf, Jr., 2016
Shannon Price, 2016
Sim F. Doughtie, 2015
Brannan Moss, 2014
Josh Hirsh, 2014
Aileen Almassy, 2013
Lisa Dunavin, 2013
Caroline Nolen, 2013
Bert Sanders, 2013
Andy Sumlin, 2013
David S. Branch, 2012
Christopher R. McShane, 2012
John Raulet, 2010
John A. DeCouto, 2009
Norman Richie, 2009
W. Bryant Cornett, 2008
John T. Speros, 2007
G. Larry Wood, 2007
John R. Maddox, Jr., 2006
Lila Ann Graham, 2005
Pierre A. Perea, 2005
Alan Joel, 2004
John T. Speros, 2003
G. Larry Wood, 2003
Stanley B. Ashley, Jr., 2002
Ronald R. Wood, 2002
Robert O. Allen, 2001
William F. Law, 2001
Samuel D. Holmes, 2000
John D. Shlesinger, 2000
Kris J. Cooper, 1999
Thomas W. Miller, III, 1999
Robert T. Cooksey, 1998
Mark F. Christopher, 1997
David M. Demarest, 1997
Thomas L. Elsberry, 1996
Ronald G. Willingham, 1996
Charles P. Hood, 1995
Albert J. McConkey, 1995
John R. Maddox, Jr., 1994
James P. Jackson, 1993
Samuel G. Friedman, 1992
Jerome M. Mendel, 1992
W. Bruce Gallman, 1991
B.W. Cardwell, Jr., 1990
R.C. Plumlee, 1989
Robert M. Henritze, 1988
Pete Brignet, 1987
Charles Cobb, 1986
Charles H. Cowart, 1985
Jim Comer, 1980
Wilson W. McClure 1984
William B. Hare, 1983
J.P. Wilkin, 1982
Fred O. Scheer, 1981
Roy Scheer, 1981
Steve Gaultney, 1980
Larry G. Wood, 1979
Jack S. Griffin, 1978
E.A. Isakson, 1977
Dwight Raberg, 1977
William A. Bugg, Jr., 1976
William A. Bugg, Jr., 1975
Claude McGinnis, 1974
R.C. Plumlee, 1973
William F. Law, Jr., 1972
R.C. Plumlee, 1971
A.H. Sturgess, Jr., 1970
I.J. Kapplin, 1969
S.H. Newburger, 1969
Edw. A. Erbesfield, 1968
Fred C. McDonough, 1966
Bill Speir, 1965
Wiley S. Ansley, 1964
Bruce B. Wilson, 1963
Charles S. Ackerman, 1962
Don J. Davis, 1961
Dawson Owens, 1960
Sam Massell, Jr., 1959
Wm. A. Trotter, III, 1958
Sam Massell, Jr., 1957
Jack Gladin, 1956
Sam Massell, Jr., 1955
Allan Grayson Realty Co., 1955
Boyce Realty, 1955
Robert K. David, 1954
J. Dewitt Irwin, 1953
Tucker Realty Co., 1952
C.G. Thompson, 1951
J. Dewitt Irwin, 1949
Hal Campbell, 1948
Hal Campbell, 1947
J. Dewitt Irwin, 1946
D.W. Osborne, 1945
J. Dewitt Irwin, 1941
Hal Campbell, 1941
Kenmore Burns, Jr., 1940
Wall Realty Company, 1939
Forrest & Frank Adair, 1938
GAR, 1937
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