2021 Million Dollar Club


One year ago, on March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic, and the world started to literally shut down. A year later we have put a great deal of time, energy and thought into producing a virtual presentation for the 2021 MDC - License to Thrill. Watch the presentation that aired last night, March 11th, right here.

The ACBR would like to extend a very sincere congratulations to everyone who has been a part of the Million Dollar Club during these extraordinary times. Whether you are part of the 538 members who collectively produced a tremendous $27 Billion in 2020, or if you’re a First Time Life Member, or a Phoenix recipient, or someone who was able to join us last night and simply enjoy the celebration -- we thank you.

Again, congratulations to the members of the 2021 Million Dollar Club for a truly great year!

Congratulations 2021 Top Producers

Industrial - Landlord Category

Nathan AndersonTIE #1 - Nathan Anderson
NAI Brannen Goddard

Industrial - Landlord Category

Darren ButlerTIE #1 - Darren Butler
NAI Brannen Goddard

Industrial - Tenant Category

Tony Kepano#1 - Tony Kepano

Land Category

Stephen Lovett#1 - Stephen Lovett
Norton Commercial Acreage Group

Retail Category

Marrissa Chanin#1 - Marrissa Chanin
Riverwood Properties

Investment Category

Frank Fallon#1 TIE - Frank Fallon

Investment Category

Chris Riley#1 TIE - Chris Riley

Office - Tenant Category

Erik Weiss#1 - Erik Weiss
Savills Inc.

Office - Landlord Category

Christopher Ahrenkiel#1 - Christopher Ahrenkiel
Selig Enterprises

Special Thanks to our MDC Committee Members

Jeff Shaw, Chair
Heather Lamb, Vice-Chair
Jodi Selvey, President
Chris Ahrenkiel
Patrick Arnold
Joanna Blaesing
Dan Buyers
John Dolan
Jessica Doyle
Cindy Coombs
Amy Fingerhut
Tyler Flemming
Jeff Fortner
Keith Guthrie
David Horne
Stephen Lovett
Gregg Metcalf
Scott Morchower
Ed O'Connor
Ben Pargman
Jeff Pollock
Norm Richie
Ted Schwartz
Wit Truitt
Rick Tumlin
John Zintak
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