Care Committee

This committee was established as a method to help our own ACBR members when they are facing serious illness or personal tragedy.  Our members are so generous and our annual contributions to charities and organizations in our community is so significant we can now look inside our own organization to determine if we could be of service to our own members when they were facing catastrophic or life altering situations.
After numerous meetings, much consideration, and feedback, the end result has been the creation and establishment of a new Care Committee.  This Committee has very specific guidelines and a structure in place which was adopted by the Board of Directors in 2015.   
Our community and industry is extremely fortunate that we are all competitors, yet we are friends. We have rallied around our fellow associates during tragedies and hardship and I am very proud to be a part of the Atlanta commercial real estate community.  Our Board is the organization that brings us all together and unites us in many ways.  Our new Care Committee is just one more way that we can let our members know that even though the ACBR is a very large organization, we are an organization that cares about all of our members, especially in times of severe hardship.


Mission Statement

Supporting CBR Members in a Time of Need


In the event of large disasters impacting multiple members and/or the community, ACBR Support Fund may reach out to members for donations to provide greater assistance. 


All contributions are confidential.


ACBR Member for occurrences related directly to Member or to Member’s spouse, partner, child or children.


  1. Severe illness, accident or disease
  2. Need for assistance with ancillary living expenses due to illness or accident
  3. Need for assistance with expenses associated with personal care during illness
  4. Need for assistance with expenses associated with adult care or child care during illness or recovery from accident
  5. Death in the family
  6. Significant damage or loss of property due to fire or natural disaster


Request made via email to the staff or call to Chairman by member in need or referring member.

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